Zener and Small Signal Diodes in Low Profile, Small Footprint Packages for Portable Applications

May 14, 2014 — Won-Top Electronics today announced the expansion of its zener and small signal diodes portfolio in the low profile, miniature SOT-363, SOT-523, and SOD-523 packages that offer designers a transition to smaller component footprint and better end product portability. These new additions broaden the portfolio of the miniature-packaged diodes targeted for the demanding space-constrained applications.

Featuring a steady state power dissipation of 200mW and breakdown voltage from 2.0V to 51V, several industry standard zener diodes previously offered in SOD-123 and SOD-323 packages are now available in the SOD-523 package. This series offers the same power handling capability as its predecessors in less board space. Typical applications include voltage reference, low current voltage regulation, and over-voltage clamping.

Small signal Schottky diodes and switching diodes are now available in SOT-363, SOT-523, and SOD-523 packages with various configurations from single, dual, triple up to quad polarity that meets different circuitry demands and handles a variety of functions such as signal rectification, data line protection, and polarity protection. These new diodes feature low leakage current, fast switching speed, and low capacitance, making them ideal for use in smart phones, tablets, MP3, notebooks, and any battery powered gadgets where product size and power consumption are critical.


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