New Family of 200V, 400V, and 600V FRED Ultrafast Rectifiers in TO-247AC-A Package

January 22, 2014 — Won-Top Electronics today announced release of its latest 200V, 400V, and 600V FRED ultrafast rectifiers in TO-247AC-A package for applications such as servers, telecom equipment, UPS, and solar inverter systems.

Combining extremely low forward voltage drop from 0.975V at 15A, fast recovery time at 35nS with soft recovery characteristics, these new FRED ultrafast rectifiers significantly improve switching efficiency and reduce conduction losses, thank to their planar die construction with platinum doped process which guarantees high reliability, ruggedness, and overall performance. They are ideally suited for high-frequency converter/inverter, PFC diode in switching power supplies, output rectification or as freewheeling diode.

This new family of TO-247AC-A packaged FRED ultrafast rectifiers features maximum operating temperature of +175°C and low thermal resistance of 1.2°C/W that allows designers to adopt smaller heatsinks and helps save cost and board space. These devices are lead-free and compliant to RoHS 2.0 and REACH standards. The plastic material meets UL 94V-0 classification and is available in halogen-free upon request.


Product Specifications

Won-Top P/N
VF @ I
15 200 0.975 @ 15A
35 TO-247AC-A
15 400 1.3 @ 15A
50 TO-247AC-A
15 600 1.5 @ 15A
50 TO-247AC-A
30 200 1.1 @ 30A
35 TO-247AC-A
30 400 1.3 @ 30A
50 TO-247AC-A
30 600 1.5 @ 30A
50 TO-247AC-A