About Us

Established in 1992, Won-Top Electronics is dedicated to providing customers with optimized discrete semiconductors at competitive cost. Combining leading foundry technologies, proprietary packaging architectures, and excellent thermal performance, our solutions help customers solve design challenges in automotive, automotive aftermarket, consumer, computer, lighting, communication, energy harvesting, and smart grid applications.


Our diverse portfolio of discrete semiconductors includes,


           Automotive Diodes

           Bridge Rectifiers

           Power Rectifiers: Schottky, Superfast, Ultrafast, Fast Recovery, Standard Recovery

           Small Signal Schottky Diodes and Small Signal Switching Diodes

           Protection Devices: Zener, TVS Diodes


Corporate headquarter and design center are located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, with manufacturing facilities in Shanghai and Shandong, China of total 10,500 M2 floor space. More than 9 billion devices are produced in 2012 in a variety of SMD, powerpack, and axial packages and have been distributed to customers in America, Europe, Asia, and Middle East regions.


Quick Facts

Year Established: 1992

Headquarter & Design Center: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Manufacturing Sites: Shanghai and Shandong, China

Employees: 900

Products: Discrete semiconductors, protection devices

Market Segment: Automotive, consumer, computer, lighting, communication, energy harvesting